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Deepcool launches Maelstrom 240 CPU Liquid Cooler in RGB Version -Maelstrom 240RGB

May 2018 - Deepcool
Deepcool is a company established with the vision - to provide the finest PC DIY solution for the worldwide customers by constantly seeking innovative breakthroughs. Rooted in its success in the previous AIO liquid coolers, today Deepcool launches the RGB version in the Maelstrom lineup, with synchronized RGB lighting system featured- Maelstrom 240RGB


Maelstrom 240RGB, based on its non-RGB version, integrates the latest RGB variable lighting system providing a vastly enhanced visual experience.
Meanwhile, Maelstrom 240RGB retains all the key features that originally possessed. The rotating impeller with professional balance adjustment, high-quality magnetizing technology. Maelstrom 240RGB is offering transcendent elegance for your CPU cooling solution and fulfilling your aesthetic desires.


Two-way Control

The control of RGB effects can now be realized by either cable controller (included) or software if the motherboard supports RGB SYNC.
When initiating the software control, you simply need to plug the included RGB connector into the RGB Header on your motherboard, then Maelstrom 240RGB will be automatically synced and controllable by the software of your motherboard brand.


RGB fans

As the major output of the RGB effects, Maelstrom 240RGB optimized the lighting system on its fan so the aesthetic desires of the customers can be satisfied.


High-density Aluminum Fins

The 240mm aluminum fin array is optimized to fulfill the needs for lower-fan-speed or lower-noise operation. Also the standard mounting holes make it easy for substitution of any other 120mm fans.


Effects after Installation

Available in June, 2018
$74.99 USD
€74.99 EUR (VAT included)
£69.99 GBP (VAT included)
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