Beijing, China – September, 2015– DEEPCOOL
GAMER STORM is a High-end brand of DEEPCOOL, serving gaming enthusiasts with products that have elegant design and great cooling performance. Since DEEPCOOL has launched the first trinity case, TRISTELLAR, that received consentaneous reputation. DEEPCOOL teamed up with Bill Owen, launches a new version of TRISTELLAR, named as TRISTELLAR S. 

Deepcool x Bill Owen Mod case, inspired by ‘Star Wars’& ‘Spaceship’, which is the first cases to take conventional chassis design and throw it out of the window, into the stratosphere, and on to the next galaxy. In fact, the only aspect of the TRISTELLAR S that might rival its stunning aesthetics is the sheer amount of hardware it can hold. From front to back, there are accommodations for a raft of enthusiast-caliber components. 

Limited edition signed by Bill Owen
Unveiled in June at Computex, Deepcool& Bill Owen’s Tristellar Mod case is undeniably unique, which has a breathtaking appearance, striking paint job, custom air ducts, and the side windows make GPU and SSDs visible.
Every ‘mod job ‘or ‘build ‘is rare and costly, we’ve practically had this belief hard-coded into our DNA. But today the TRISTELLAR S of Deepcool comes along and defies this notion. Globally limited 50 pcs will bring more opportunity and heartbeat.


Surprisingly Aesthetics Functionality
The ultramodern appearance of Tristellar S is based on ‘Star Wars’& ‘Spaceship’,
which must permanently etch itself into your memory. Moreover, it also can support
the latest gaming configuration, the full-length (up to 320mm) graphic cards, and ultra
wide (3 PCI Slots) VGA card

Technical Spec

Materials SPCC  (Panel thickness: 0.6mm; Cabin Cover thickness: 2mm)
Product Dimension
Package Dimension
Weight Net.: 9.46KG  Gross: 12.44KG
5.25" Drive Bays tray-load Optical Disk Driver
3.5" Drive Bays 2  (all tool-free installation with hot plugging port)
2.5" Drive Bays 3  (all tool-free installation with hot plugging port)
I/O Panel 2×USB3.0/Audio×1/Mic×1
Expansion Slots 3 Slots (1 way)
Cooling Fans Included: 1×90mm Black fan in the VGA cabin
Optional:1×120mm fan in the mainboard cabin if liquid radiator not installed. (this fan should blow outward to ensure a good cooling effect)
Power Supply Type ATX PS2
CPU Cooler Compatibility 85mm height
VGA Compatibility 320mm
Motherboards MINI-ITX

Available in September globally, 2015
MSRP: 599.99 USD

For more information, please check the official website