TF140S(3 in 1)
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TF140S has an extremely high max. airflow of 97.03 CFM, as well as strong max. air pressure of 2.00 mmAq. Installing TF120S can vastly improve the performance of your radiator.
*Data collected from Deepcool lab.
The max. air pressure determines fans’ penetrating power; the max. airflow determines fans’ air transmission ability;
an elevation in both parameters can improve the fans’ performance comprehensively.
The higher the max. air pressure is, the easier it is to blow through radiators.
The greater the max. airflow is, the more heat can be removed from the radiator.
Patented double-layer fan blades can vastly increase max. air flow.
The unique wasp waist fan frame design can effectively elevate max. air pressure.
Turbulator teeth are placed on the exhaust side of the frame, which can significantly lower the noise and vibration caused by the airflow. In addition, 8 rubber pads are attached on the corners of frames to further absorb vibration.
TF140S 3 in 1 includes a 4-port PWM hub to make fan speed control convenient.
97.03 CFM extremely high max. Airflow, 2.00 mmAq max. air pressure.
As radiator fans, TF140S can vastly improve cooling performance.
Patented double-layer fan blades that vastly increased max. air flow.
The unique wasp waist fan frame design that effectively elevated max. air pressure.
Turbulator teeth and 9 rubber pads that significantly lowered the noise and vibration.
4 port PWM fan hub included.

Technical Spec

Fan Dimensions 140×140×25 mm
Net Weight 540 g
Fan Speed 400~1600 RPM±10%
Fan Airflow 97.03 CFM
Fan Air Pressure 2.00 mmAq
Fan Noise ≤39.8 dB(A)
Fan Connector 4-pin PWM
Bearing Type Hydro Bearing
Fan Rated Voltage 12 VDC
Fan Rated Current 0.3 A±10%
Fan Power Consumption 3.6 W
EAN 6933412710530
P/N DP-GS-H14B-TF140S-3P

Product Dimension