PEC 300
PEC 300 is an extension cable with an effective length of 250mm and is used for establishing an external connection with a graphic card.
Standard PCI-E 16X 164-pins slot for both ends.
High quality non-oxidized copper wire is used for the ribbon cable.
Anti-EM shielding is provided in the form of a shielding layer and a fiber-based protection layer to improve signal stability and structural strength.
The metallic shielding provided on the socket further reduces ribbon damage that may cause by data transmission.
PEC 300 is applicable for the QUADSTELLAR / GENOME II / NEW ARK 90 series case.
PEC300 подходит для спецификации PCI-E 3.0, при использовании видеокарты со спецификацией PCI-E 4.0 это приведет к снижению скорости передачи данных.

технические спецификации

Общие габариты 298×139×18mm
Line length 250mm
Вес 0.13kg
Interface Support PCI Express 16X
Products Support QUADSTELLAR / GENOME / NEW ARK 90 / Follow-up Products